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Why Building an Effective SAM Team is like an NFL Draft
Dec 14, 2016 12:21:00 PM2 min read

Why Building an Effective SAM Team is like an NFL Draft

Every year during the NFL draft, thousands of professional sports writers, prognosticators, coaches, managers, and millions of sports fans carefully watch which player their favorite NFL team will draft.  Although every professional writer and draft expert goes thru their own systematic criteria for determining which player will be drafted by each team, they all seem to disagree on who will be picked when by each team.  Yet, in spite of their disagreements on the best player for each team, they all agree on one thing: building a Superbowl team requires specialties in many different fields.

Each year, 32 professional NFL teams, representing an estimated 1696 players in conjunction with 1000 coaches and trainers take the field in pursuit of the evasive Superbowl trophy.  The Superbowl champion isn’t the team that had access to any proprietary talent, but the team that is the most skilled at picking the right talent at the right time for its needs.

Prior to each draft, hundreds of NFL scouts analyze thousands of potential draft candidates over many months, working with the coaches and trainers to determine the needs of the team.  Each of the 52 players on the team has a coach who understands the position, skills necessary to be effective at the position, and how to outplay the opponent.  The coaches compile their analysis of the skills of their respective players for the head coach to determine the team’s strengths and weaknesses.

Every team understands the uniqueness and value of every player and position on the team.  They assess their needs and use it to draft the player they believe will best help the team move forward.

Building an effective SAM team is the same as preparing for the NFL draft.  Just as there are many players with different roles, responsibilities, and skills on an NFL team, there are equally many players with varying skills on a best in class SAM team.  In spite of a head coach winning multiple Super Bowls, he won’t claim to know as much as each coach under him or as skilled at each position as the players.  The same needs to be true on a SAM team.

Data centers that have the lowest software cost structure build a team that include specialty skills in software licensing, financial analysis, capacity planning, business planning, legal, vendor management and procurement.  SAM leadership needs to recognize what skills are necessary, build a team of various skills, experience and success, and then allow the team to work collectively to win.


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